Cumbre Tajin – Festival de la Identidad

The senses circulate at Cumbre Tajin.

Music drifts in layers, traditional, contemporary, three-piece acoustic, pre-colombian in traditional outfits, darkened faces weathered by agricultural rhythms; marching bands with majorettes, midnight popstars, shaman floutists dancing…

On 80 foot poles…

As humans spin descending upside down…

A physical ode to fallen angels…

Ritualized on the hour.

Tents with massages, temescals in daylight, the baking of bread.

Eclectic art and traditional crafts, technology and timelessness.

The circle of life breathing infinite variety as culture reinvents and reinvigorates itself at the birth of spring.

Expression coexisting with contradiction, sharing the space of affirmation. The human condition reflected in visual poetry, circular encounter, and sonic history.

Children flying on bungees, men spinning to the earth, abuelitas with baskets of flowers, masked men in dresses, federales with batons, walking on water in bubbles, touching and tasting the arts of centuries, visions from afar, nourished from near, smiles, laughs, shouts, songs, a parade of witnesses, each participating in the next step.

Cumbre Tajin is a timeless bubble of intersecting circles and cultures

A land of dances past, present, and future; a rupture in the fabric of daily life

A window into harmonic co-existence, a temporary autonomous zone of joy and possibility affirming the traditions of the local and the dimensions of the global.

Cumbre Tajin is located near Papantlan, Mexico in the state of Veracruz and is an annual festival that falls on the Spring Equinox. The festival is a fluid mix of indigenous and contemporary perfoming and healing arts. The Carpetbag Brigade brought the performances The Vanishing Point and Volcanito there in 2010

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